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How do I add the Hazmat Endorsement to my Washington State CDL?

Effective February 20, 2019, Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) requires a 16 hour approved training course. DRIVE509 is registered and listed on the DOL website as a training provider. We hold classes monthly and can customize a schedule for over-the-road drivers based on when they will be in Spokane.

The class is 16 hours and is required to be taken on site. Course includes basic HAZMAT instruction and hands on learning.

There are three key things that need to happen to add the endorsement:

  1. TSA background check for HAZMAT
    1. This requires getting fingerprinted at an accepted TSA Acceptance Center. Find an acceptance center and apply online for an appointment time.
    2. Make sure to review what documents are required – you will need two forms of recognized ID.
  2. 16 hour CDL HAXMAT training class
    1. Give us a call for upcoming class dates. Classes are generally held once a month, and two days in a row from 7-4 both days.
  3. HAZMAT Endorsement Test
    1. Take the written endorsement test at the Department of Licensing. Click here for more information.

You can take the written test at anytime; however until you have all three things in place, you can’t get the endorsment added to your CDL.

My HAZMAT expired – do I still have to take the class?

Yes, if your HAZMAT Endorsement lapsed, you are required to take the 16 hour class.