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Prospective students ask, why DRIVE509? What makes DRIVE509 different than other CDL schools?

The biggest difference is in our commitment to training drivers to be good, safe drivers and not just training to pass the test. We are also committed to helping students find a job; this is a lifetime benefit, not only when they first graduate, but as their lives shift and they may be looking for a new employer.

Almost every student that has completed the 160 hour course has passed their final exam and gotten their CDL.

If you are researching CDL schools, please take the time to read our reviews on Google and Facebook.

Student thumbs up – got his CDL!

Here are some questions you can ask prospective schools such as:

  • What is your tuition? What additional fees are there outside of tuition?
  • What does your classroom portion consist of?
  • What happens if I fail the CDL test? Do I have to pay to rent a truck or for additional training
    • DRIVE509 – does not charge students for truck rentals to re-test. The student is still responsible for the exam fee if they nneed to re-test
  • Can I stop by before I have a job interview or drive test to do a quick drive?
    • DRIVE509 does not charge students if they need a touch up drive prior to starting a job.

Give us a call or stop by for more information – we have a great team and an excellent track record! Four weeks and you could be on the road to a new career.