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What makes DRIVE509 different from the other CDL schools?

Most schools will train you to pass the state exam and that’s all. At DRIVE509, we train our students to prepare them for CDL careers and help students obtain job placement with local companies. The test is just a small drop in the process of becoming a CDL holder. We have 14 semi trucks and trailers ranging from 53 feet to 28 feet in length. You will learn to drive many different semis on the road that all shift differently. Why would we do that you ask?   At your first job interview, you will be required to take a road test in a truck you are unfamiliar with and have never driven. Our goal is to get you 100% confident with any semi you drive so you can ACE that job interview and land that new career.  

Above all, Drive509 puts students first. We help our students get their permits before school starts to maximize there time driving. We don’t believe in WASTING your time to cut costs. Unlike most CDL schools, we have you driving on day one! The majority of CDL schools will tell you there is no need to get your permit before school starts, because you will get it the first week of class. This is because they put you in a room, hand you a book, and have you study and read for a week by yourself to get your permit!  This cuts fuel and training costs significantly and allows the school to meet WA state hour requirements at no cost to them. At DRIVE509 we don’t put you in a room your first week, we put you on the road! By the end of your training we will have you driving downtown Spokane and CDA with confidence. The confidence you need when heading towards that first career!

*If you would like to hear from students who have attended our school, checkout one or more of our 100 five star reviews on Google and Facebook!  We hope to get the opportunity to be part of your CDL experience.  

When shopping CDL schools, be sure to ask the following questions to ensure quality training:  

– How many different trucks will I get to drive?

(If you train in an automatic, you will have restrictions on your license. You will be limited to driving automatics. Make sure you train in multiple trucks for the best training possible.) 

– How many different trailers will I practice on?

(You should be trained on more backing maneuvers then just the state required ones.  Make sure the school you attend is pushing you to your limits when it comes to backing. Make sure your training on more then one size trailer (e.g. 28, 35, 48, 53’s).  Ninety percent (90%) off all CDL accidents are from backing. Its a quick way to lose your job, if your not prepared!) 

– Will I be studying for my permit the first week?

(If the answer is yes, you’re wasting your hard earned training dollars, and I would recommend calling another school.)

– Do you work with local companies to help get students hired? 

(If there is a company you would like to work for, make sure they except training from the school you choose to attend. Not all schools uphold standards companies will hire from. Make sure to ask around.) 

We understand that covering tuition is not always an easy task. We partner with local agencies to help you succeed with obtaining funding. 

Class A Tuition: $3,400  (potential grant funding available)

Class B Tuition: $2,500 (potential grant funding available)

Upgrade Class B to Class A: $2,500 (*80 hours only)

WA Approved 16 hour HAZMAT Plus+ Tanker: $299 cash or check, $309 credit or debit

Call for refresher training. 509-990-2884

*Does not include fees paid to other providers for example DOT Medical, DOL permit, etc.. $100 non-refundable registration fee will be applied to tuition.

Financing Options

There are a few different options as far as financing tuition for DRIVE509 CDL School in Washington. DRIVE509 is set up to accept funds from a number of state and local agencies.

  • Worksource (WA State Unemployment)
    • If you qualify, your local Worksource or Rural Resources office may have funds available to assist you in getting back to work.
    • Spokane: Call Peggy at 509.532.3176 to find out if you qualify.
    • Colville/Newport/Stevens County: Call Carol or Juanita at 509.685.6145
    • Whitman County Rural Resources
  • GI Bill
    • DRIVE509 is set up to accept GI Bill Funding. Click here to check your benefits.
    • If you want to use your GI Bill – you will need to present your Award letter to the school to register.
  • Numerica Credit Union
    • If you qualify, the Downtown branch of Numerica Credit Union will issue a check directly to the school.
  • North Idaho College Workforce Training Center
    • DRIVE509 is the contractor for the NIC CDL program that is offered through the Workforce Training Center in Rathdrum and Hayden, Idaho.
    • They use the Sallie Mae loan program if you qualify for a student loan.
    • There is no out-of-state tuition fee.
  • Idaho Department of Labor
  • Scholarships
    • Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) currently (January, 2020) may have some scholarships available for qualified applicants. The scholarship is awarded through the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) and is geared toward women and minorities seeking careers in the construction trades.
    • There may be industry scholarships available, however they require some searching. For example, the Women in Trucking Foundation and the Trucking Carrier Association. Some employers offer scholarships to dependents of employees.

Company-Sponsored CDL Training  

Some companies provide company-sponsored CDL training. In return for this sponsorship the student will sign a contract agreeing to work for the trucking company for a specified amount of time, normally between eight months and one year. Others will require you to pay back some tuition costs once your CDL training is complete and you’re out on the road driving solo.

Tuition Reimbursement

Some companies offer a tuition reimbursement program. For example, the student pays for CDL School and acquires a CDL, gets hired and then gets reimbursed a certain amount per month that he or she is employed at the company.

Sign on Bonus

Truck drivers are in high demand and some companies will offer a sign-on bonus or employment incentive. Bonus may be contingent on length of service, clean driving record and more.